3d gif - British Airways flying start - Run Gatwick 2019

The brief

British Airways Flying Start approached us with the aim of creating a fun and engaging activation at their Run Gatwick 2019 event in London. They hoped to capture guests taking part in the run and enjoying the activities on offer at the finish line.

The solution

Our objective was to create a bespoke 3D GIF experience for the runners and families so that they could take part in a unique experience. We used our green screen technology and some digital wizardry to create a 3D effect to guests’ outputs, so that when they post online, they would “burst” out of their feed. Complete with Prop medals (as well as their own) runners of all ages and sizes were able to take part in the fun.

the result

Throughout the day, guests continually took part in the activation, each creating their own unique GIF, which all aided in the social awareness of the event as a whole. We even had a few celebrity guests, Colin Jackson, Dina Asher-Smith and Helen Skelton who had great fun taking part and were “wowed” by the activation.

Out of everyone that took part at the event their was a staggering 84% engagement rate! we successfully created a social buzz about the event and we were able to FULFILL the need of British Airways Flying Start.