Bullet Time Camera

Unique moments frozen in time…

We use multiple cameras to catch high definition images which are then stitched together to create an immersive 3D world.

Quick and simple, the consumer strikes a pose in front of the cameras and their experience is captured as an incredible frozen moment.

Combine that with custom props and overlays, and boom – you have a piece of quirky, branded content that guests want to share instantly to social media.

Completely customisable, you can shape the consumers entire interaction with your brand. Give your consumers something they’ll never forget with the Bullet Time.

Capture a single, frozen moment or create movement in the subject by delaying each camera by milliseconds - you decide!

There is something special about a time slice and something equally original about capturing those extra milliseconds to pay homage to the personality of the subject. See them rock their style, flick their hair strut their stuff.