shopping centre activation

The Brief

We were approached by our client to come up with a way of increasing footfall at an already popular shopping centre in Glasgow during the summer months. They wanted an area within the centre themed in a way which was both experiential, attractive and engaging for guests. The idea had to increase footfall around an area where most restaurants were situated. It should provide an element of inclusion without being disruptive to diners whilst providing a talking point for people to want to share socially on their social channels providing user generated marketable content.

The Solution

The proposal of creating a summer sanctuary within the centre was a popular one with our clients and we set about building an area complete with Trees, garden furniture, pop up bars, fashion shows and interactive games for guests to play with. Our team transformed the ground floor area during the night into a secret garden where shoppers and shop workers were surprised the following morning on arriving to the centre.

The Result

With over 2,000 images captured and shared on social media (and counting), the sanctuary proved a massive hit with shoppers. Experiential marketing the centre in this way provided further reason to visit the shopping centre as opposed to visiting other nearby centres and drove footfall and traffic to the local restauranteurs with guests wishing to view the activities such as the fashion shows from the comfort of one of the local resturants.



Princes Square