Great Scottish Run

The Brief

Following the success of our production build of a large supersized trainer for the 2017 Great Scottish Run , we were once again approached by our client to create another social buzz which would help amplify their brand as Headline sponsors of The Great Scottish Run 2018. They wanted something which not only engaged with runners and their families but an experience that would surpass the social engagement they had with the 2017 Giant trainer campaign.

2017 saw participants of the Great Scottish Run pose with a giant OVER-SIZED trainer, which we produced in our in house production facility, as they crossed the finishing line and the social media buzz around these images was so significant that our clients sought to better this in 2018.

The Solution

Our Client wanted to create a digital activation that was user and family friendly and one in which a number of people could take part at any one time.

We created our 3DyourFeed activation which saw users create a split gif that when posted on social media would make it appear that they were bursting out of the screen holding their medals. This activation allowed users to take part with their family and friends whilst sharing branded shareable content on all social media channels. Users also had the option to email or text their creations direct to their phones.

The Result

Over 50,000 social impressions were created online with the finished Split Gifs. We were able to provide our client with analytic reports on these social media shares, highlighting the posts that were engaged with the most, along with demographics and providing gdpr compliant data capture.



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